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Package 1 - Video CD

The Video CD package is an excellent way to distribute promotional and instructional videos. The program automatically opens to display your video when the CD is inserted in the computer. When the video playback completes, the screen fades to show your company contact/info screen for several seconds before the program closes. Optional "Quit" and "Replay" buttons can allow more end user control.

Don't forget that all NCI applications can be customized with optional features to suit your specific needs.

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- Package Includes -

  • Windows PC playback
  • Autorun for Windows PCs.
  • Up to 60 minutes of MPEG-1 video encoding.†
  • Default video playback in a window or full screen.
  • Closing company contact/info
  • Screen interface graphic design*
  • CD label design*
  • 100 Everest Printed CDs in clear polysleeves or paper sleeves w/clear window.

† Video must be supplied on miniDV tape or as an editable electronic file. Other formats are acceptable but may require an additional translation fee.
* client must supply logo files and graphics if specific content is to be used.

...only $399.00

Package price does not include shipping of completed discs or applicable sales taxes.

- Options -

  • Macintosh OS X Playback.
  • Web/E:mail Links.
  • Custom video playback controls.
  • Inclusion of PDF Documents or other files.
  • Other CD printing and packaging options are available please call for specifics.
  • Many other custom options are available. If you need it, we can make it - please call for details.