Duplication:Spectrum™ Rapid Turn, Short Run, Full Color Custom Promotional USB Flash Drives
Introducing the Spectrum™ full color printed promotional USB Flash Drive

Custom printed USB Flash Drives are an excellent and very popular promotional tool. With a branded surface, the ability to be preloaded with specific information and reusability; USB Flash drives offer an impressive branded package for your message which is sure to be used and looked at many times over. With all this potential you need to choose the best possible drives available. That is where our Spectrum™ USB Flash Drives come in.

Spectrum™ Drives are the perfect choice for high impact promotions. Their high quality full color glossy prints make them idea for a number of applications like:

1.) Tradeshow handouts
2.) Business promotions
3.) Electronic catalogs/content distribution
4.) Corporate Gifts
5.) Corporate branded internal storage/backup and file transfers
6.) School and non-profit fund raising
7.) Event media guides, handouts and data collection
8.) Music/Audio distribution

The Spectrum™ USB Drive is printed with digital thermal "Direct to Drive" technology which produces a vibrant, glossy, high resolution, high impact, full color image that is impervious to water, smudging and UV fading. The all digital process also means rapid turnaround, cutting production times from weeks to as little as a few minutes. Small quantities can even be delivered the same day.

Quality is a key factor in USB Flash Drives. Unlike most promotional USB drive resellers, we have these manufactured to exacting specifications and then print them in house at our facility in Chardon, Ohio USA ... just a few miles east of Cleveland. By printing them in house we have the opportunity to thoroughly inspect each one during the production cycle. And we don't stop at the printing. Each drive is also tested for writes and reads to insure that each drive looks and performs as you would expect. Purchasing from a reseller that ships printed product direct from Asia can be a very expensive mistake both in time and money. Those potential problems are eliminated with Spectrum™ flash drives

We also offer complete data duplication services for all USB Flash drives. So they can be preloaded with all your data and delivered to your doorstep as a finished product. If you need content created for you flash drive, we can help with that too. We have a complete award winning production team ready put together presentations or other content to go inside the drive that lives up to the great look on the outside.

The standard Spectrum™ USB Flash Drive is currently available in 1 GB capacity with 512MB, 2 GB and 4 GB models available as special order options.

You can order spectrum flash drives online - simply go to the product page, download the artwork templates, add the quantity you need to the shopping basket and checkout. When your artwork is ready e:mail it to us, we will print and ship them ASAP.

Please contact us at 1-866-481-1274 or by e:mail for more information.

Spectrum™ full color printed promotional USB Flash Drive.

• USB Version 1.1/2.0 interface
• Standard Capacity: 1 GB (512 MB, 2 GB, 4GB available as special order)
• Multiple Operation Systems supported: No driver needed in Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac 9.x or later, Linux Kernel 2.4 or later. Only Windows 98 and Windows 98SE need an additional driver
• 10 year data retention
• Special order options include Password Protection, AutoRun capabilty and Boot capability
• Lanyard/keyring loop slot, sliding enclosure
• Product Dimension: 47mm*16.4 mm *3.4mm
• Weight: 3.2g