Products:NCI UltraPrint-M™ Everest Printable Media

"M" is for Metal

UltraPrint-M™ Metal Everest Printable media is the ultimate CD-R for use in your Everest printer where perfect and consistent edge to edge color is critical. These discs feature unique metallizing across the surface of the disc which does not change in density or reflectivity. This uniform metalizing has two huge benefits. First, when coated with our white UltraPrint coating, there is no color shift (brighter white, or grey area) near the hub typical of most metallized discs. Second, we are able to produce the only full metal silver hub printable Everest media on the market roday. If color is critical, or if you need a full metal hub printable silver disc, then UltraPrint-M™ media is the only choice... just look at these examples:

UltraPrint-M Silver Hub Printable UltraPrint-M White Hub Printable
Unprinted Printed with CMY Ribbon. Note full print coverage and no color shifts. Unprinted Printed with CMY Ribbon. Note full print coverage and no color shifts near the hub.

Like all UltraPrint media, UltraPrint-M™ is specifically manufactured to address the five most important aspects of duplication with an Everest printing system...

Printing - UltraPrint media features a unique two layer thermal-retransfer receptive surface specifically formulated for optimal print adherence in Rimage Everest printers. This surface insures perfect edge to edge printing every time - regardless of the image being printed.

Recording - UltraPrint media is 100% Duplication Grade A media which is specifically tested and shown to have very low BLER rates. It is also tested to be compatible with the most common duplication drives in use today including those from Plextor, Pioneer, Sony, NEC, BenQ and LiteOn.

Feeding - UltraPrint media has very smooth edges on the inside and outside diameters. This ensures a smooth, flat surface for the grippers of the Everest center pick feeder and tray locking mechanism to lock onto. UltraPrint media provides reliable feeding, decreasing downtime and increasing production.

Quality/Availability - UltraPrint discs are individually inspected for quality prior to shipment. With onsite production and large stocks of media, most orders ship within 24 hours. Custom delivery schedules can be created to meet the needs of resellers or large volume users.

Single Source - There is an UltraPrint media avaliable for any job.

capacity 700 MB
speed 52 X
color (data side) Lt Green
white print area OD 117 mm
hub-printable white print area ID 23 mm
top stacking ring/groove No

NCI Everest Printable Media
Hub Printable Area Dimensions

Part Number Description Write Speed Hub Printable Package Size
nci-ewm-hpcdr 700 MB White Hub Printable 52X Yes 100 Disc Cakebox
600 Disc Case
nci-esm-hpcdr 700 MB Silver Hub Printable 52X Yes 100 Disc Cakebox
600 Disc Case

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