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Discs are printed using our exclusive digital screen printing press which uses UV cured liquid inks to produce beautiful and vibrant full color images directly on the disc surface.  These images are completely water proof and look and feel like mass produced discs commonly found on store shelves.

Packaging Options:
Blank disc orders of 50+ are shipped in cake boxes with any selected packaging options shipping separately.
Duplicated orders of 50+ are shipped in cake boxes when ordered "Bulk".  When other packaging options are selected, they ship assembled in the selected packaging unless otherwise specified in the "comments section" of the order.

Duplicated Discs:
Discs can be ordered with data burned on them through this service. Simply select the "Duplication" option from the dropdowns on the order page. During the checkout process you will be given a "Comments" box. Simply put a note in that box requesting instructions on how to provide the data. We will email you instructions on how to upload your data, or provide a master disc.

What's not included: 
There are no proofs or artwork assistance provided with this service.  We do review all submitted artwork and will alert you by email prior to printing for the following issues only:
1.) Resolution is lower then 300 dpi
2.) Placement issues (for example: the center hole cuts out important information)
We do not make judgements on color and we will not accept returns for issues related to color.  We offer full service disc printing with a comprehensive proofing process.  If color is important for your project we suggest you use that service for at least your first production run of any new project.

If you need proofs for your project please see our full service disc printing option. That service includes electronic and/or physical proofs, graphic production assistance and a broader range or packaging options.

Artwork Specs: (templates - photoshop, jpeg, pdf)

Bitmapped Art:
• 12cm x 12cm  @ 300 DPI
• Inside hole diameter: 22mm
• Outside Diameter: 118mm
• Do not mask out inside hole or outside diameter
• RGB (preferred) or CMYK Color
• Acceptable File Types: .jpg, .tif, .psd, .png, .bmp, .pdf, .ai

Vector Art:
• Same dimensions as above
• CMYK Color
• Acceptable File Type: .ai, .pdf

Art should be full bleed corner to corner Mask Layer left on.  Make sure you turn the mask layer off before saving and uploading your art.  If its on, it will print on the disc.
Masked Image.  Masking layer was used to cut the image into a doughnut.  This art will result in white rings appearing around the hub and outside edges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why are your discs so cheap?
Actually, they're not. They are very affordable, and less expensive then other short run duplicator's discs for one simple reason. We use a state of the art printing press (1 of only 4 in the US) that produces amazing quality at a very low cost per disc - and we can pass those savings on to you. Another way to look at it is that we bring volume screen printing pricing to the short run market. So instead of comparing our pricing to other short run printers who use older high cost per disc printers, compare instead to screen printers running 1000+ discs. At those volumes, a screen printer recoups his set-up cost so the per disc printing cost is low. Our press doesn't require that expensive setup so we can offer similar pricing right from disc 1.

Are these paper labels?
Absolutely not. Each CD or DVD disc we print starts life here as a silver disc. For those discs requiring a white base coat, we screen print that base on with a high quality gloss white ink optimized for digital printing. The CDs or DVDs are then printed on the digital machine and cured directly with UV light as they print. The image is essentially "built up" on the disc with multiple passes so the final print has the same textured feel as a screen printed disc you buy at the store.

What media do you use?
We use only name brand media manufactured to the higher standards demanded by the major duplication facilities. These are typically of higher quality then the consumer grade discs available at your local retailer.