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Below are template files for the creation of CD label graphics for use with our CD duplication services. They are grouped based on disc type so you can download only the templates you need for any given project. In addition, we suggest downloading our submission guidelines and order form as they contain important information on the use and submission of the template files.

Standard CD/DVD Templates (120 mm - 650/700 MB)

Digital Screen Full Color/Single Color .eps, .ai, .psd
Silk Screen
22 mm hub .eps, .ai
37 mm hub .eps, .ai
46 mm hub .eps, .ai

Mini Card CD Templates

Silk Screen/Digital Screen .eps, .ai

CD Packaging Templates

Jewel Case Front Card (2 Page) .eps, .ai
Jewel Case Front Booklet (4 Page) .eps, .ai
Jewel Case Tray Card .eps, .ai
cShell Silk Screen .ai

DVD Packaging Templates

Amaray Case Overlay .eps, .ai
Amaray Case Inlay - 2 page .eps, .ai
Amaray Case Inlay - 4 page .eps, .ai